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Hello and welcome to our spot on the NET.

Our Granddaughter, Dani Kern, just cut her first album.  To listen just click on the play button below (or anywhere in the top title bar).

We're prejudice but we think she's really good and she's only 14.

Dani is graduating from High School and getting ready to attend University of Kentucky this fall.  She had opportunity to sing a solo with the Paducah Symphony Youth Orchestra's Spring Concert.  Click here to see a video of this con.

Maxine is a Kindergarten and First grade teacher.  Retired from Public schools (Ballard County Elementary in LaCenter Ky) currently teaching at St Johns Elementary in Paducah, Ky.

Tom is Desktop technician for Ballard County Schools (retired from teaching Math for Ballard Memorial High School)

We have our family, 3 children and 5 grandchildren, living within 30 miles of us.  Which means we get to spoil our grandchildren to our hearts content - things like having a pool in our backyard for them to use, seeing them everyday, etc.

We both enjoy playing Duplicate Bridge,  traveling, and riding Motorcycles.  I am into woodworking as a hobby.  Please click on the links for each of these activities:

On the woodworking page I have several links that woodworkers would be interested in as well as pictures of some of my projects and workshop.

On the Bridge page we have several links to what we think are good Bridge sites as well as our tentative tournament schedule.  We also like to play on line maybe we can meet and play sometime.

On the Vacation page are pictures from some of our trips.

On the Motorcycle page we have pictures from some of our bike trips (We have ridden to both coasts as well as some other interesting rides like following the old "Route 66".  I have some links to interesting places for bikers.

Then of course we have our family pictures on another page.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me.